Directed by Darcy J. Knopp.

The 2016 season will open on June 29 on the lawn in front of the Historic Community Hall in Fort Langley.

This performance will be followed by one on June 30 and another on July 1st during the Fort Langley Canada Day celebrations.

The next performances will be at the Township 7 Winery on July 8/9/10 and 15/16.

The set will then be moved to Douglas Park for the eight performances on the Spirit Square stage on the weekends of July 21-24 and July 28 to 31.

KATE ~ Mandy Dyck
BIANCA ~ Lauren Trotzuk
TRANIO ~ Madison Macarthur
GRUMIO ~ Dayna Thomas
PEDANT/CHLOE ~ Sarah Cavalli
BIONDELLO ~ Pauline Dynowski
PETRUCHIO ~ Aaron Holt
LUCENTIO ~ Dylan Coulter
HORTENSIO ~ Nikola Trotzuk
BAPTISTA ~ Sheri Eyre
GREMIO ~ Jeff Hacker


Prologue: “Madame B” the boss of the Padua Golf and Country Club has discovered a major problem. They have double booked special events for their two most important members. Luckily, her overworked and underpaid assistant Chloe has a plan.

Act 1 Baptista Minola is chased by suitors of her youngest daughter, Bianca, but refuses to entertain marriage proposals until she has a suitor for her eldest daughter Kate who seems to be two diffi cult for any sane man of Padua. A young naive traveler, Lucentio, accompanied by his friend/servant Tranio and his rather dim lackey, Biondello, falls in love with Bianca at first sight and adds his name to the list of suitors which also includes the rich old Gremio, and the hard luck Hortensio. The suitors are stalled in their quest until an odd man from Verona arrives in town seeking a wealthy dowry and the woman that comes with it. Petruchio agrees to woo the wild Kate.

Act 2 In the middle, of sibling strife between Kate and Bianca, the suitors arrive at Baptista’s house and make propositions to obtain her daughters’ hands in marriage. Both Hortensio and Lucentio have disguised themselves as tutors to the Minola girls to gain the inside track on winning their love. Tranio has taken on the identity of her master to assist him in winning the hand of Bianca. After a very intense fi rst meeting, Petruchio has brokered a deal to marry Kate much to Kate’s chagrin. With the eldest daughter being spoken for, Gremio and the fake “Lucentio” bid for Bianca. The fake Lucentio outbids Gremio, but must provide assurances from Vincentio (Lucentio’s father).

Act 3 The two tutors battle to win Bianca’s affection discreetly with the real Lucentio gaining the upper hand. It’s time for the wedding, but Petruchio is horribly late and ridiculously disheveled. The ceremony is wild a disaster, and the Bride and groom leave before the reception begins, as Kate is kidnapped by her new husband.

Act 4 Kate and Petruchio arrive home at Petruchio’s run down estate. Kate is prevented from eating and sleeping thanks to the “kindness” of Petruchio. Meanwhile, in Padua, Hortensio disguised as the tutor Licio, happens upon Bianca and Lucentio disguised as Cambio. The two are more friendly than student and pupil should be. Hortensio and the fake Lucentio swear off Bianca after this leaving the real Lucentio as the front runner for Bianca. Back in Verona, Petruchio continues to breakdown Kate’s will during episodes with a tailor and a hat maker. Tranio, spins a yarn to an unfamiliar pedant and convinces her to play the part of Vincentio to fool Baptista just long enough to let Bianca marry Lucentio. Kate, Hortensio, and Petruchio make their way to Padua for Bianca and Lucentio’s wedding. They happen upon the real Vincentio who has come to visit his son.

Act 5 The real Vincentio goes to visit his son and encounters the fake Vincentio and the fake Lucentio. The confrontation promises that someone will be sent to the jail for identity fraud and perhaps murder, but suddenly the real Lucentio and his new bride Bianca appear. The situation is resolved happily with everyone heading to the reception where a series of wagers decides ultimately who has the best wife.