Bard in the Valley’s troupe of actors will perform a 1940s radio play live onstage at the Langley Events Centre on Thursday, October 18.

This third annual Halloween event is, once again, created by Bard in the Valley and sponsored by The Township of Langley. This year’s production is After the Thin Man.

This fun, suspense-filled play will be served up with a buffet dinner.

“This 1940 radio play will take people back to an era when families sat in their living rooms in front of their radios listening to tales being masterfully and magically sent to them over the air waves,” said Diane Gendron, president of Bard in the Valley and producer of these plays. “One of the exciting things about our production is that the sound effects are created live onstage. Audiences get to watch as the Foley artists (the people who created the sound effects for early radio) create a car crash and doors opening right there onstage.”

There’s dinner, suspense, live music and lots of fun as the five actors voice the 26 characters, the keyboard artist adds the atmospheric music and the Foley artists create their magic.

The actors in this fun production are: Ken Boyd, Jacq Ainsworth, Shawn McGrory, Jim Garnett, Shane Rochon, Mathew Strauss and Diane Gendron with support from Ron Williams and Pam Rochon.